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Love My Skin Soap - Phenixology

Love My Skin Soap

$15.50 USD
This is a skin loving soap. It has all the ingredients your skin craves. The combined properties in this soap not only purifies and moisturizes your skin, but it is good...
Serenity Whipped Bath Soap - Phenixology
6oz, 8oz

Serenity Whipped Bath Soap

$15.50 USD – $18.50 USD
A pleasant light smell with a nice feel. Clean your body with our gently whipped bath soap. It gives a creamy lather with excellent foam. This is a light formula...
Coffee Body Scrub - Phenixology
8 oz, 16 oz

Coffee Body Scrub

$12.50 USD – $14.50 USD
Our Coffee Body Scrub is an eye opener. It’s a great antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Enjoy our Coffee Body Scrub. *PLEASE DO A PATCH TEST PRIOR TO USE, TO...
Skin So Soft Facial Scrub - Phenixology
6oz, 8oz

Skin So Soft Facial Scrub

$12.50 USD – $15.50 USD
Our Skin So Soft Facial Scrub leaves your skin feeling smooth. Made with a liquid soap base, it has a gentle lather. Additional oils are added because of their amazing skin benefits. This scrub is great for...
Lemon Poppy Sugar Scrub - Phenixology
8 oz, 16 oz

Lemon Poppy Sugar Scrub

$12.50 USD – $14.50 USD
An all natural body scrub that leaves your skin feeling silky soft. Our sugar scrub is without preservatives, paraben and is all natural. The scent of lemon is very light,...